·Carpets dry extracted with compressed air to remove embedded dirt and dust
·All carpets and upholstery pre treated for stains and shampooed (excluding compartments unless emptied out)
·All hard surfaces cleaned
·Consoles, dashboard, and cup holders detailed
·All leather and vinyl deep cleaned to remove ingrained dirt and other build-up.
·All seats/vinyl conditioned and UV protected.
·Cabin detailed and windows cleaned streak-free


·Exterior hand wash and waterspot removal
·One-stage machine polish with a wool pad and gelcoat specific compound to remove moderate surface imperfections and light-medium oxidation ·leaving behind a nice glassy finish.
·Exterior is then sealed with a gelcoat-specific wax to deepen the shine and protect the gelcoat.
·Engine wiped down and outdrive washed
·Trailer washed, wheels detailed, and tires dressed

Starting at$350


This package is for boats with zero oxidation (about 1 in 3 boats that we see) and includes all of the options of the interior and exterior above except there is *no buffing/polishing* on the exterior.

The Executive Boat Detail Package begins with a thorough hand wash and water spot removal on the exterior of the boat. The boat is then waxed with our favorite gelcoat specific wax. On the inside of the boat a full interior detail is performed including all of the aspects of the interior detail process mentioned above. This is a great package for boats in good condition to get the interior looking new again along with protecting the exterior of your boat

(for exterior only call for an estimate).

Starting at$500


The Boat Restoration package is for boats with light to medium oxidation (about 2 out of 3 boats that we see) and includes all aspects of the interior and exterior mentioned above.

This package is for boats whose gelcoat has begun to show signs of chalkiness or fading. Once this occurs we can no longer apply a simple wax as we would with the Executive package. With an oxidized boat we must first polish the boat to remove the chalkiness and restore a nice even shine to the boats exterior. Once luster has been restored on the exterior we can then apply our favorite wax to protect the new finish.

(for exterior only call for an estimate).

*Boats with heavy oxidation will require additional polishing and are subject to additional charges.

We love to detail boats

Boats are fun to work on, boat people are usually pretty great to work with, and the before and after differences that we are able to achieve when detailing boats can be significant. We have perfected our boat detailing processes over the years and we have the methods and products to get your boat looking new once again. After calling around and talking to the different boat dealerships around the valley we have found our prices to be extremely fair for the results that we are able to achieve.

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